I have heard that death has many faces.

twice have I tried to kiss the sun,

and twice did I get stung by failure,

now these scars announces my wrong.

I saw a face of death today,

he stared me in the eye and took my will,

sold it to the one bidder who I shouldn’t sell to,

and made a mess of my entire soul

like different paints splattered over a marble floor.

I was served a plate of hell after several Mannas from heaven,

and I pounced on it like a snake courting a toad for food.

the numerous pregnancies of pure bliss was aborted,

by the fire of moods wheeling away the will of heaven.

and while still looking at the sun,

I can feel its sting,

and I fear that dusk is beginning to dawn,

and death is planning to live with me again.



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