EL MAGNIFICO (a Trilogy): The Kill


May 3, 2066

Location: Killer Smile Avenue.


El Magnifico looking fan, alights confidently from a cab

Close to the location, of the town head coronation,

With a sleak overall worn over a jibba, to protect himself from suspicions of cloak and daggers.

He entered the building with the closest door, headed for the elevator and stopped at the top floor,

And with his instruments well set, he is waiting for the right moment to cause an international upset,

That the world may be aware of a man so dope, as to take out a sacred personality as a pope.

Looking through his binoculars, he could clearly see, the turn of events the busy proceedings.

“Where is he?”, for several hours he stared blindly, for the role he had accepted so lightly is gradually beginning to get frightening.

At about 3:30 PM, the pope showed up in a silver lined BM.

With the target in sight, El had his finger softly placed directly over the trigger,

Waiting for the impeding figure to put his hands down, then there was a click, a shoom and a sudden uproar of man down.

But wait…

Shit! The securities caught sight of Magnifico, they surrounded the building with no room for peccadillos.

The ultimate assassin begins to weigh his options intoto, guess this mission ain’t one of the others he danced through like Limpopo,

He made a quick dash, and as he opened the back door, he was met by uniform men and heavy shouts of hands up! […to be continued]


N.B: This is a pure work of fiction laced with a rhyming flow. I love to call this story lining.

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