EL MAGNIFICO (A Trilogy): The Ultimate Assassin


May 1, 2066

Location: unknown.


Four were seated at a table discussing matters arising,

Namely: “Scar”, “Bullet”, “Crank”. and the boss known as poison,

“Have you decided how he is to die?”, that was Bullet harshly asking,

“Not yet, I was waiting that we may meet to deliberate together”, replied poison.

“Let’s try a cyanide injection, as a silent infestation“,

But Bullet thinks otherwise of Crank’s suggestion.

“Let’s take him out with a strike to the forehead, when he’s making his speech at the coronation of the Town head.

Scar’s objective, “that would be pointlessly destructive”…

But after all said and done, the conclusion was of Bullet’s opinion,

A carefully calculated strike by a sniper, who possesses the strong nerves to decipher

And outwit the camera lens, an assassin with keen murder sense,

So here was the question of million dollar bill, “which one of you is gonna take the kill?

Out of nowhere, a mysterious stranger appears, just at the right moment to exonerate their fears.

In comes El Magnifico the hooded assassin, who graced the front page of Forbes Magazine.

“I’m here to take the kill Poison, let’s get down to business, what’s the mission briefing?” […to be continued]


NB: This is a pure work of fiction laced with a rhyming flow. I love to call this story lining.

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