ARCHERY (unto Esther)



I will summon words from beyond eternity
To voice hidden tidings
Pure as gold
From this swollen core.

(Whose aim is precise…)

I surrender to this burden
The weight of treasure I treasure to carry,
Concealed… overwhelmed… weakened
For a paradise visible but beyond reach.

At the brink of day
The night grows darker,
Devouring desires into secrets
Fragrance… sweet… flesh… breasts…
Thighs… sighs… shades… nights…
A lewd shrewdness,
Fighting hard to disturb the sun
Till the night is exposed
And silence killed.

(Lethal as bullets…)

The calls of scoundrels
Burning the soul to want fire.
Warm… cushy… trumpets of organs swelling to the rhythms of fugues.

Tend to my divine arrow
And seduce my bow.
Let this arrow melt into your bulls eye like flakes of snow at the rise of the sun.
Coast over my cliff
Ebbing and flowing towards the edge of waterfall – A piss of fire,
Burning this whispers to ashes.

(A fadeless quiver…)

Voices of bits and bytes
Seducing the silences and whispers.
Calls… responses… synapses… building cold spots in the fire swelling within the skull.

I the archer will flip the pages,
Savor the memories,
Drink deep from the bottle of fire to awake from this bed of ice,
Relive the moments of medals and stretch… arrow straight,
Pierce myself
And miss not the mark.

For what better ways there is to die,
Than in this bondage of ecstasy…

Save me not!


[[Culled from Soft Echoes]]

Available on Amazon


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