Playing Brass

Strolling down the Mahatma Gandhi Road from the College Street end towards Howrah Tram Depot in the vibrance of the Kolkata metropolis, one can spot a unique world of orchestral cacophony. Little shops from the colonial days of the British showcase a wide array of musical instruments and jazzy uniforms of starking colours with gilded […]

Playing Brass


  1. Thank you for sharing this short story of mine – A moving tale of love with a twist and a turn, woven around the dying profession of the Orchestral Shops or Band-Baja-Wallas from the MG Road in the heart of Kolkata. Is there a happy ending or is there despair or something totally unexpected. Read to find out.

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      1. My best wishes to you Emmanuel on your new job. May you shine and spread your goodness to others. I look forward to you coming back to my stories whenever you have the time. I treasure your comments and likes.


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