When the phrase “love at first sight” started flying around, I used to believe that the eyes that would see such must possess perfect lenses, for even with a magnifier, love is very hard to find. But this thought of mine evaporated like smokes in the air one fateful Monday morning. I saw more than just love. I saw heaven, when this damsel walked up to me to inquire directions to a particular office in the building. I gave her my ears, eyes, words and heart as she made for the elevator to the seventh floor just as I had described. I watched the elevator light climb until it chimed on reaching the seventh floor. A rowdy masculine “hello” brought my heart, words, eyes, and ears back to me, and I gave him an angry smile. “Welcome to Elixir Hotels and Suites Sir”, I said, staring straight into his eyes.

The clock kept ticking and hours climbed upon hours. My concentration was decided. I was awaiting the descension of the ascended. At exactly seven minutes past four, the elevator chimed on reaching the ground floor. And there she was, approaching me for a second time. This time I was certain that the dream I was seeking was also seeking me out. She stopped at my desk with a cushy smile on her face, “thank you sir. your description was pinpoint”, she said. I winked at her and felt her heart skip a beat, “my utmost pleasure beautiful”, I said, as she headed for the main exit.
That day, I found a new purpose for my existence and I drove towards it. It turned out she was reading the same page as I was, because I had barely asked her out when she approved. The chapter was a quick one in which the nuptial tie really rang a bell. We wore it proudly on our fingers while sharing morsels, meals and meat. Years has rolled by, and Catherine has painted our home into a family of five – with two boys and a girl. But to be candid, Catherine is a sea of questions and if we had met under a different circumstance, I would have missed my paradise while focusing on the price I have to pay.


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