…”Rest peace Boss Lady”, Fred muttered to himself. He was fully aware that the thirteenth call was her last just before she died.

“Me dream, Me must wake up. Me must confirm”, he said as he stood up and reached for the TV remote, and there before his eyes was the confirmation news he needed. The murder of Lieutenant Funmi Simpson, and the tears that has welled up in his eyes found its way freely down his cheek.

“This real”, he said feeling shocked.

“Me not here. Me not here at all”, he exclaimed as he jumped up and dashed for the door. He was a few inches away when..


The door was blown open and its impact sent him sprawling back across the tiled floor. He coughed, open his eyes and got on his feet. He was face to face with an assassin, and judging from the blood stain on his gloves, he was the same man who murdered the Boss Lady. And he knew what was about to happen. He has been remembering future occurrences since the sudden ring in his head. But his future was already so close to an end as today was the day he died.

“Who you?”, he asked the assassin.

“I am your past coming back to haunt you”, he replied as he leaped forward in a ferocious attack at Fred who easily parried every single one of his attack.


Again, the assassin threw two knives at Fred while attempting to take him out, but he dodged them completely.

“Me not die ‘cos me is son of gun”, he said out loud before dashing towards the assassin launching an attack of his own. Back and forth they went, exchanging blows, bruises, and broken ribs in the process of redecorating the million dollar interior designs into a million scattered interior designs.

“Me not die ‘cos me is son of gun”, Fred continued chanting his mantra as he reached for one of the knives stuck on the wall. The assassin was poised to charge at him once more and he was ready for him.. But that was not to be the case. Instead, he brought out a pistol and aimed it at Fred.

“What were you thinking?”, the tired assassin asked.

“That you had a chance? No way!”

“You really going to do this, this point? Damn it! You no honour”, Fred replied.

“Hell yeah, I will. I guess there was honour in you killing my Father and sending my brother to jail for an offense he didn’t commit.”

“What you mean? I not do such thing”.

“Shut up! You Liar! So now you’re denying it. I heard you with my two ears when you told your Boss Lady that you’ve neutralized the target”.

“I not understand! When? How?”, Fred questioned as he couldn’t remember those events.

“Tell that to God when you see Him”, the assassin said as his face boiled with rage.

[[Fred knew this was the point where his present met his future…]]


The sound of the gunshot echoed as the assassin pulled the trigger.

Fred gave a wry smile as he slowly dropped to the ground. He had lost the war to déjà vu from the very onset. But he just won a battle.


The assassin suddenly began vomiting blood from his mouth.

Unknowing to him, Just before the gunshot, Fred had swiftly launched the knife in his hand into the air, and it had trusted deep into and stayed across the assassin’s throat.

Although, Fred knew he could not change his fate, but he was very satisfied that he was able to disrupt one piece of the puzzle.


Another round of fresh blood spluttered out of his mouth. He fell to the ground and died right beside a smiling Fred.

For Fred never remembered at any point, the death of the assassin.

                     [[The End]]


PROMPT: write about a character who can suddenly only remember their future and not their past.

Reedsy.com provided the prompt above that inspired this story.



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