“Ring… Ring… It\’s time to wake up!”

“Ring… Ring… It’s time to wake up!”

Fred’s eyes slowly opened to behold the beauty of a new morning sunrise, as the repetitive voice of his alarm clock ushered him back to consciousness. He got out of bed, killed the alarm clock and hurriedly began to get ready for work.

In about twenty minutes time, he was standing in front of the large mirror placed directly opposite his wardrobe and just right beside his study table.

“Today is great day…” he began saying, talking to his reflection in the mirror.

“Me will catch many bad guys today again”, he continued as he held up a nine millimeter pistol.

“Me not die ‘cos me is son of gun”, he grinned as he concluded his daily mantra which he had always believed protected him from being shot for the past twelve years.

As he stepped out of his apartment, he lost his balance,

“Aaaarrrgggghhh!!!!”, he screamed with his eyes tightly shut as he felt a sudden ring in his head which vanished as quickly as it came. As soon as he regained his balance, he reached for the key in his pocket, unlocked his car and drove out.

Just as he was entering the EFCC headquarters, he was met by the Boss Lady who signalled him to stop and wind down his car glass.

“Finally, he arrives”, she said.

“I’ve rung you all morning, but you seem to be at war with your phone”.

[[Fred could swore he had been in this exact situation before.]]

“What? Cat got your tongue? Anyways, hurry up now and join the guys. They just left for St. George’s house and they would definitely need an extra pair of eyes to conduct the search”, she concluded.

“Boss Lady”, Fred called just before she was about to leave.

“What is it?”

\”Today, what day?”, he asked.

“October 10 son. Is everything okay?”

“Me fine”, he replied before driving off.

[[Minutes Later]]

He parked at his garage and rushed into his apartment sweating profusely. He locked every window and door with a terrifying look upon his face like he was being chased by someone or something.

“How this be?”

“How this be?”, he repeatedly screamed trying to make sense of what is happening as everything that was happening has happened before.

“Ring! Ring!”

“Ring! Ring!”

His Gionee A1 began to ring, but he decided not to pick the Boss Lady’s call. He was expecting her to ring him thirteen times, after which he’d pick up on the fourteenth.

[[Minutes later]]

“Ring! Ring!”

“Ring! Ring!”

The thirteenth call rang and stopped.

“Rest peace Boss Lady”, Fred muttered to himself. He was fully aware that the thirteenth call was her last just before she died… [to be continued..]


PROMPT: write about a character who can suddenly only remember their future and not their past.

Reedsy.com provided the prompt above that inspired this story.



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