• SOFT ECHOES : collection of poems.

The very essence of poetry is in the message it passes across regardless of its style and rhyme scheme. In the world we live in today, there’s the need for a balance between spirit and mind- a state where clarity is born. This is evident in Soft Echoes.

According to Dianne Forbes Compton: “Soft Echoes contains beautiful passages of timely events and releases a powerful voice that unites and ignites our imagination in the unique words of a talented writer”.

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  •  THE SUSTAINING CUP : for the sake of nobility.         

The Sustaining Cup” is a string of poems- each carrying a particular wavelength of thoughts, from my experiences and recounted situations which explore different areas of life in which readers could learn from.

This book is written in the form of an admonition from a Parent to a child, and it consists of two parts: “Father to Son” and “Daughter Episodes”.

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